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Current research in the Division for Early Modern History pursues the following themes and approaches:

  • Cultural and social historical approaches attending, in particular, the everyday practices and experiences of those not at the centre of major political events.
  • Research exploring the repercussions of colonialism and globalisation on Europe as well as interdependencies between Europe and the rest of the world (e.g. Les Mondes coloniaux à Paris).
  • Research on human trafficking and abolitionism in the Holy Roman Empire and its neighbouring states (ERC Consolidator Grant ‘German Slavery’).
  • Publications, presentations and exhibitions on body techniques, implicit knowledge, embodiment and the history of sport and physical exercise (e.g. DFG scientific network).
  • Contributions to the history of science, the history of the senses and the history of technology in the area of ocean exploration and (underwater) seafaring.
  • Interdisciplinary cooperations in particular with researchers from literary and cultural studies, the history of science and medicine, music and architectural history (e.g. Intercultural Transfer and National Appropriation).
  • Geographical focus on the Holy Roman Empire, western and southern Europe (Italy, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands), and the interdependencies between these regions and countries outside of Europe.